Card Counting

If you live in Salt Lake City, the closest place you can get a game of
Blackjack is driving 120 miles west on I-80 to Wendover, Nevada.
Fortunately, the game offered in the casinos in Wendover is one of the
best in Nevada. Playing basic strategy there, you can expect to lose
only 0.18% of everything you bet.


If you use the hi-lo count system, I have produced a card counting
decision table with index numbers from -10 to 10 for Wendover: SDh17chart.pdf

This chart is for the single deck games, no double-after-split,
double-on-anything, split aces only once, and dealer hits a soft 17.
For the longest time, this was the only game offered in Wendover, but I
have found a few shoe and two-deck games in recent visits.

If you're interested in learning about card counting, I recommend the book "Professional Blackjack." It has many different decision charts based on different casino rules. Also, it will give you an understanding of the math behind card counting and how it gives players an edge. It will also help you understand why you can't expect to always (or ever) make money counting cards.

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